Treaty of Maupiti

King Kamehameha II [Liholiho]

To all living Kanaka Maoli, Hear now the prophecy that foretold the greatest master stroke of international diplomacy ever perpetrated by any monarch, to preserve the lands of his kingdom and all of “Hawaiti” for ever and ever. Following the death of his father Kamehameha the Great, and his coronation in 1819, Liholiho, recalling the prophetic words uttered to his father by Kahekili, ” THEN SHALL HAWAI’I BE THE BOWLING STONE THAT SHALL SWEEP THE COURSE FROM HERE TO TAHITI “, aided and abetted by his Kahuna(s), secretly set sail for Samoa and Tahiti. Accompanied by the high chief Mariatoa, Liholiho arrived on the leeward island of Maupiti in what is better known today as French Polynesia. There Liholiho and Mariatoa met with seven other Ali’i Nui who collectively represented Eastern Polynesia in its entirety. Once all of the Maoli (Hawaiians), Maori (Rarotongans), and Maohi (Tahitians) Kings had arrived they were Taken to the Marae (heiau) Vaiahu where the nine esteemed guests were consecrated. According to the Tahitian record keepers, what took place at Vaiahu was an ancient ceremonial rites act upon which all nine had recieved the blessings of ‘Io to accomplish what they were called to do.
There objective, to ensure the protection of Hawaiti. Proof that all had knowledge to the prophecy Keaulumoko spoke of, was made evident by their presence, for there were no formal invitations, nor was there any correspondence; all nine had answered the call of the ancient ones (Ka Po’e O Avai’i). But the facts remain and the events documented. What took place between the years of 1820 and 1823 on the island of Maupiti was the Eastern alliance of Hawaiti. There eight King’s verbally agreed to cede all the lands under their control to Kamehameha II, or as he is called in Tahiti, Te Rihoriho Ari’i Vaihi (Liholiho Ali’i Hawai’i). The fact that Mariatoa arrived with Liholiho leads us to believe that Liholiho must have been in Samoa in Samoa before he landed at Maupiti. In the Tahitian documents, which are actual records of the event, Mariatoa is described as the brother to Ali’i Nui Marietoa of Samoa, and that the alliance of Western Hawaiti did in fact take place in Samoa. The only question is whether it took place before Tahiti or after. This question will soon be answered in an forthcoming issue as the ‘Iolani traces the travels of Kamehameha II. Now that all the lands in Hawait were vestedin one Sovereign the first part of the prophecy, setting up the protection of Hawaiti had been completed, it now set the stage for the final part of the prophecy to be carried out by Kamehameha III.
Liholiho died in London on June 14th, 1824. His younger brother Kau’ikeouli, Kamehameha III would not take his seat on the throne until 1826. The Declaration of Rights, the First Constitution of Hawai’i, the Great Mahele and eventually the Kamehameha Probate Trust were all accomplishments accredited solely to Kamehameha III. But the plan to put all of Hawaiti under a protective shield was set in motion by His Highness Kamehameha II, Te Rihoriho, and his father Kamehameha the Great. And the legacy continues.
In August of 1993, documented records which have been kept safe in the hands of the Tahitian Kahuna(s) for over 150 years have surfaced for all the world to see. The following are the chiefs that met with Liholiho sometime between the years of 1820 and 1823 on the Island of Maupiti, and formed the alliance of eastern Hawaiti (Polynesia)


By Herbert Holt Kauahi

P.O. box 916
Hanapepe, Hawai’i 96716


11 Responses to Treaty of Maupiti

  1. Kamuela says:

    My uncle wrote this article. And I think he should be named as author.

    Yes you are very right, I must have missed the info part in the article, please post the information, Mahalo

  2. Kamuela says:

    His name is Herbert Holt Kauahi. Also, the picture above preceding the article is NOT Liholiho, that should also be changed. I will post a geneaology soon. Mahalo!

  3. Kamuela says:

    Correction, the picture is Liholiho, but Alexander Liholiho, better known as Kamehameha IV, not Kamehameha II, Te Rihoriho.

  4. aupuni says:

    E kala mai Kamuela and mahalo for the corrections

  5. joana says:

    si vous avez plus d’information , pouvez-vous me dire ou me citez ,si kalanuiliholiho ou Terihoriho ou Kamehameha 2 a des descendants

    • aupuni says:

      “if you have more information, can you tell me or credit me, or if kalanuiliholiho Terihoriho or Kamehameha 2 has descendants”

      I will try to find the answer and post it.

    • M. Moana HOLI says:

      Ia’orana Joana…J’ai en ma posession une livre intitulé “Kamehameha’s Children Today” écrit par Messieurs Charles AHLO, Jerry WALKER, et Mme. Rubellite Kawena Johnson, la publication date de l’an 2000.
      En Page 85, il est documenter que Kalani Nui Liholiho avait cinq femmes / epouses de haute rang qui sont reconnu comme suite:
      Kamamalu – sans issue
      Kekauluohi – ” ” (sa demi-soeur – Père = Kam. I, Mére = Kaheiheimalie (Kalakua)
      Kina’u – ” ” ( ” ” ” ).
      Kekauonohi – ” ” ( ” ” ” ).
      Keahikuni – ” ”

      Si Kalani Nui Liholiho à des descendents, ça pourrait que ils ne sont pas des enfants des
      femmes de haute rang, mais des femmes issue du rang des manahuné (commoners).

      • M. Moana HOLI says:

        Juste pour clarifier ma poste sûr les femmes de haute rang de Kalani Nui Liholiho…
        Kekauluohi, Kina’u, et Kekauonohi sont tous ses demi-soeurs, issue du même Pére = Kam. I, et de la même Mére = Kaheiheimalie (connu aussi sous le nom de Kalakua).
        Aucune de ces femmes y’compris Kamamalu et Keahikuni ont donner Liholiho des descendents.

  6. I have a huaka’i spiritual journey journal of 7 to Maui looking for ohana genealogy, SEPARATE FROM THIS!!, COLLABORATING THIS! BY LIHOLIHO SPIRIT Explaining and All Alii spirits of that time period involved suggesting to FIND THE TRUTH NO MATTER WHAT…etc. A KEY TO THE TRUTH? DO YOUR GENEALOGY! Just recently, Maupiti came with proof of their connection with Liholiho! DNA WILL OUT! COME ON! KANAKA MAOLI. DO YOUR GENEALOGY! WOT U GOT TO LOSE??? A SACRED NATION UNDER AKUA? Maluhia.

  7. DM says:

    Hi, this is a very interest history. Can you indicate me the historical source of Teatry of Maupiti. Thank!

  8. TamaMaurua says:

    Some of the info here is incorrect, i.e that names of some of the Ari’i and the year of the gathering.

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