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Press release for immediate posting:

Island of Hawai’i


From the office of the Hawaiian Embassy-

The Washington DC District court has dismissed Keanu Sai’s alien tort claim filing in its entirety.  The Court found that it is a political question and not under the jurisdiction of the court.

Along with Dr. Sai the motions to intervene by Alfred Spinney and James Keka were summarily dismissed.  The order is appealable.

(March 9, 2010)
For the reasons expressed in the accompanying Memorandum Opinion, it is, this 9th day
of March, 2010, hereby
ORDERED that Defendants’ [10] Motion to Dismiss is GRANTED; it is further
ORDERED that Plaintiff’s [21] Motion for Leave to File Supplemental Complaint is
DENIED; it is further
ORDERED that Alfred Napahuelua Spinney’s [17] Application to Intervene is DENIED;
it is further
ORDERED that James Kimo Keka’s [30] Motion to Intervene is DENIED; and it is
ORDERED that this case is dismissed in its entirety.
This is a final, appealable Order.
United States District Judge

Hawaiian Consulate

Kai landow