The Kingdom Today

The Living Hawaiian Kingdom By Leon Siu

The Hawaiian Kingdom Still Exists

The Hawaiian Kingdom National Government (Ke Aupuni o Hawaii) is the lawful
government for the archipelago known and titled, The Hawaiian Islands (Ko Hawaii Pae Aina).
The Hawaiian Kingdom continues to exist as a sovereign nation despite the 1893 unlawful seizure of Hawaii by a treasonous group of white businessmen, aided by the U.S. military; and the more than a century-long illegal occupation by the United States.
Brief Background
King Kamehameha the Great originally established the Hawaiian Kingdom Government as an Absolute Monarchy in 1810. In 1840, during Hawaii’s transformation to Christianity, King Kamehameha III, promulgated a Constitution for the Hawaiian Islands. This changed Hawaii’s civil government from an Absolute Monarchy into that of a National Constitutional Monarchy.
The Constitution also acknowledged “the laws of Jehovah God” (Biblical Law) as the supreme authority to which all the laws of Hawaii are to conform. The Kingdom adopted the English and American Common Law as the format for the Hawaiian judicial system. The Hawaiian National Constitution provides for a Legislative Branch, a Judicial Branch and an Executive Branch with distinct separation of powers and appropriate checks and balances.
The Monarch (King or Queen) under Jehovah God is the Head of State, the Chief
Executive, and the Commander in Chief of the Kingdom’s Military Forces. The Monarch
receives counsel and administrative assistance from his appointed Cabinet Council.
The bi-cameral legislature (House of Representatives and House of Nobles) created,
adopted and periodically revised the laws of the land, embodied in the Organic Laws, Session Laws, Civil Codes, and Penal Codes, etc., for the Hawaiian Kingdom.
The apex of the judicial system is the Supreme Court for the Hawaiian Islands with its Chief Justice and Associate Justices activated in 1996. The lesser courts are the Circuit and District or Police (also called, Justice) Courts, along with magistrates, the Attorney General’s Office, Marshal, deputies and other law enforcement personnel.

Revival of the Hawaiian Kingdom Government
Lawful Re-activation
The Hawaiian Kingdom National Government lay in a state of dormancy (alive, but asleep) for a hundred years, from the 1893 overthrow until the 1993 admission of unlawful
international trespass and formal apology by the United States. Following the apology, various Hawaiian National Citizens (Subjects) and nationally focused entities initiated lawful filings and notices declaring the re-activation of the Hawaiian Kingdom and began efforts to rebuild the independent, self-governing Hawaiian National Government. Various potential monarchs, privy councils and other components of governing entities arose, including what is now known as Ke Aupuni o Hawaii. Unlike the other entities, Ke Aupuni o Hawaii Nei, in October 1996, reactivated the Supreme Court for the Hawaiian Islands and its judicial law system as affirmed under the 1892 Revision of the Judiciary, An Act, under Hawaiian National “common law”. This sovereign Hawaiian Kingdom National Government was re-activated with proper legal public notices, announcements, and filings in September and October of 1996. Thus, the mechanism and authority to administrate and execute the laws of Hawaii’s National Government was revived, providing the proper authority upon which the Hawaiian Kingdom and its people could again function as a lawful society.

The re-activated Government of the Hawaiian Kingdom, functions in exigency
(emergency), in accordance to the Hawaiian Kingdom Constitution and Laws that existed prior to the 1893 illegal seizure of Hawaii. Despite the occupying presence of the United States, these laws of the Hawaiian Kingdom and Nation are still alive today. Over the past decade, notifications were duly served upon the various agencies of the foreign occupying, de facto governing entities, the general public and the international community, that the National Government of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Ke Aupuni o Hawaii, is de juré (lawful) and functioning under the Constitution and laws of the Hawaiian Kingdom Nation, at peace with all nations. In addition, this Hawaiian Kingdom National Government can affirm that the numerous treaties, covenants and conventions enacted between the Hawaiian Nation and foreign nations were never canceled, and thus, remain valid and in force.

Executive Branch – Cabinet Council Activated

The initial part of government re-activation by the Hawaiian People was the Cabinet
Council consisting of the Offices of the Ministy of the Interior; the Ministy of Finance; the
Ministy of Foreign Affairs and the Attorney General. In the event of a vacancy of the seat of the Monarch (the Chief Executive and Head of State), the Cabinet Council acts as the Regent of State, until such time that the vacancy can be lawfully filled.
All who serve on government offices are Hawaiian Nationals, under proper, lawful
oaths of Office, with authority, under the Hawaiian Kingdom National Government
Constitution and laws. Other ministry offices may be added at the discretion of the Monarch and with legislative approval. There are also lawfully functioning deputies and agency personnel. The Monarch may also form a broader advisory group called the Privy Council of State, which includes, ex officio, the Members of the Cabinet Council. At the present time, this Government functions in a lawful state of interregnum.

Judicial Branch – Supreme Court Activated

The Supreme Court for the Hawaiian Islands and the judicial branch of Hawaiian National Government were formally re-activated in October of 1996 (supra) a Chief Justice of the Court appointed and sworn into Office. With the Supreme Court for the Hawaiian Islands re-activated as the authentic and proper court of jurisdiction for the archipelago, all the laws of the Kingdom once again apply within that jurisdiction.
Legislative Branch – Pending Activation Currently the Government is functioning lawfully in exigency, without the Legislative Branch. Once the roster of National (confirmed) Citizens is of a sufficient size, elections will be lawfully held and the Legislature seated. At this point, the Legislature will resume conducting its law-making duties in behalf of the Nation’s Citizens, choosing the Monarch, confirming appointments and so forth, within the lawful processes proscribed by the Hawaii Constitution.

Hawaiian Kingdom Nationals

The most crucial ingredient of a nation is its people. Without people, a nation cannot
exist. Since 1993, through various means, thousands of people have made formal declarations of their citizenship within the Hawaiian Kingdom. These are Hawaiian Nationals. Many more have not taken formal action but still consider their nationality as Hawaiian.
Nationality is determined by the country to which one is born or belongs, not by one’s
race or ethnicity. Thus, Hawaiian Nationals (a.k.a. Subjects or Citizens) become such in one of three ways: 1) by birth (one born in the Hawaiian Islands or to Hawaiian Nationals living
abroad); 2) by naturalization (an adult who has taken the legal steps to renounce nationality to his former country to become a Hawaiian National); or 3) by becoming a denizen (dual citizen) (an adult who chooses to retain his prior citizenship and under Oath, to also become a Hawaiian National). Hawaiian Nationals are domiciled under the de juré, Hawaii’s National Laws, their lawful birth names and birthrights. Furthermore, Hawaiian Nationals (except for Denizens) have lawfully separated themselves from citizenship in — and other contractual adhesions to — foreign political entities (including the United States Federal Government that currently, and unlawfully, occupies the Hawaiian Islands).

Goals and Objectives


Our Government’s primary objective is to achieve full restoration of the Hawaiian
Kingdom National Government as an independent, “neutral” nation, as it existed previously, operating for the benefit of the People of Hawaii. This requires that the Hawaiian Kingdom National Government build its citizenship base and the mechanisms necessary to govern and provide lawful order, peace and security for its people.
The infrastructure for day-to-day operations already exists in the de facto State of Hawaii.  Numerous state departments are already in place to deliver vital public services like roadways, water systems, building codes, harbors and airports, and so forth. The transition from the State of Hawaii to the Hawaiian Kingdom National Government will bring these public services under the control, management and jurisdiction of the Hawaiian Nation.

The most challenging problem that needs to be addressed will be the issue of land titles. This will take much time, patience and extraordinary wisdom to sort out and clarify in a manner that would be just and equitable for those with legitimate claims and those who were innocent victims of fraud.
International Affairs
As a sovereign nation, the Hawaiian Kingdom National Government will once again
conduct foreign relations in the world community, maintaining friendly reciprocal agreements with all other nations, including the United States. To accomplish this, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will work to persuade the United States that it would be in its best interest to gracefully relinquish its unlawful and morally wrong claim to Hawaii and set timetables to begin making a peaceful and orderly withdrawal.
National Finances
The Hawaiian Kingdom National Government will develop entrepreneurial systems to provide revenues to support its government operations so that the fiscal reliance will be on proceeds from trade and commerce rather than individual income taxes. To achieve this, the Hawaiian Kingdom will develop business-friendly policies and support mini and micro entrepreneurship, as well as developing Hawaii as a Pacific Trade Center, including a Pacific stock exchange and central and clearinghouse international banking services.
Government Activities and Campaigns
The first priority for Ke Aupuni’s activities is to rebuild the Hawaiian Nation. To achieve this, the various components of government have been active in the following ways:
Ministry of the Interior – At this time, the primary task of this ministry is to rebuild the people-base of the nation. This Ministry of the Interior has been involved in educating the public, providing citizenship information and assisting people in claiming their citizenship and providing proper documentation to register them as Hawaiian Nationals. Interior also provides registration of automobiles, vessels, businesses, etc. issuing various certificates, business licensing and documentations. The Ministry of the Interior is also in the process of re-establishing physical control over the lands and seas of the Hawaiian Archipelago.
Ministry of Finance – The Ministry of Finance is primarily involved in devising strategies to reactivate the fiscal means for the nation and the citizens of Hawaii to operate; namely:
reviving the Treasury of the Hawaiian Kingdom and Hawaii Postal Savings Bank; the financial services for the Government and the general public; reviving the tax system and creating enterprises to provide a revenue flow into the Hawaiian Kingdom. Reparations for the century-long illegal occupation will play a large role in the financial operations of the
Hawaiian Kingdom National Government.
Attorney General – This Office provides counsel to the Government. It also has the primary duty to provide counsel, filings and legal strategies to protect the Hawaiian Kingdom National Citizens who are being wrongfully persecuted in unlawful foreign law
jurisdictions. The Attorney General produces documents consistent with Hawaiian
Kingdom National laws in issuing lawful notices and filings to de facto State and U.S.
Federal agencies and representatives, in the assertion of Hawaiian Kingdom National
jurisdiction. The Attorney General is preparing the national case to charge and try for
treason, (in the Supreme Court for the Hawaiian Kingdom) the members of the “Committee of Safety,” et al. The Attorney General is preparing to try in Hawaiian Kingdom Courts, cases regarding land issues, flagrant violations of Hawaiian National laws, and the wrongful persecution of Hawaiian Nationals by U. S./State of Hawaii courts, etcetera.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been pursing diplomatic relations with other nations, particularly renewing those that have treaties with the Hawaiian Kingdom. This ministry maintains foreign correspondence, negotiates trade
agreements and other activities on behalf of the Hawaiian Kingdom. The ministry issues
documentation (passports, etc.), oversees protocols for foreign legations in Hawaii and
establishes Hawaiian legations overseas. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the lead agency
in charge of developing and executing a plan for the and peaceful withdrawal of the U.S.
from the Hawaiian Islands and for reparations due to the illegal occupation.
Supreme Court – The Supreme Court, provides the proper venue to exercise the lawful
authority of the Hawaiian National Constitution and the Kingdom laws and to assert the
jurisdiction of the Hawaiian Kingdom National Government. Rebuild the judicial system by
educating and recruiting and qualifying competent judges, court clerks, officers and staff to
populate the various courts, et cetera. The Supreme Court is also in the process of reviewing and validating actions taken by various kupuna councils, tribunals and other courts operating in exigency on behalf of the Peoples of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Preparations are being made to adjudicate land cases and so forth, in the Hawaiian Kingdom National Courts.
Currently, the hostile occupation of Hawaii by the United States and its puppet
corporate construct, the STATE OF HAWAII, makes it troublesome and too risky for many to live openly and fully as Hawaiian Kingdom Nationals. The U.S. and State of Hawaii have adopted illegal policies to forcibly suppress the Hawaiian independence movement by using U.S. courts and law enforcement agencies to arrest, prosecute and punish (through the use of fines, prison, torture, confiscation of property, criminalization, defamation of character…) those Hawaiian nationals who choose to abide by the laws of the Hawaiian Kingdom, not the laws of the occupiers. This policy of suppression is expected to continue until the United States admits to its unlawful occupation status in Hawaii, and agrees to a peaceful and orderly withdrawal from the Hawaiian Islands.
The Hawaiian Kingdom is actually a theocracy established in Hawaii through the
covenant embraced in the hearts of the people during Hawaii’s Great Awakening and as declared in the 1840 Constitution for the Hawaiian Islands, placing God’s laws and the Spirit of God’s laws as the standard over all the laws of the Hawaiian Islands. This covenant is the spiritual and moral authority upon which the Nation of Hawaii stands and continues through today.
The United States’ occupation of Hawaiian National territory is categorically unlawful.  Therefore, despite the 118 years of insurgent and foreign occupation, the sovereignty of the Hawaiian Nation was never extinguished. Thus, by international standards, the Hawaiian Kingdom is in continuity (still in existence), as a sovereign, independent nation-state.
Ke Aupuni o Hawaii Nei (the Hawaiian Kingdom, the national government) is the
lawful government, re-activated through lawful means, to govern this sovereign, peaceful,
neutral nation-state in-continuity called, Ko Hawaii Pae Aina (the Hawaiian Islands).

The Executive Branch has been re-activated with a (pro tem) Monarch (Chief Executive and Head of State) whose constitutional powers and duties are administratively assisted by the pro tem Cabinet Council of State.  The Judicial Branch was re-activated both through lawful notices and filings; and through actual court proceedings, operating under the Hawaiian Kingdom National
Constitution and laws.
The lawful reactivation, by the people, of the Legislative Branch and full empowerment of the other branches, is pending the attainment of a large enough National Citizen body politic.  The reinstatement of the Monarch is awaiting the activation of the legislature, which has the constitutional authority to elect someone to fill the vacancy.
The remedy to the problem of the United State’s occupation will be found by
applying God’s principles and provision for reconciliation: ho’oponopono. The strategy
is to reach an amicable, peaceful agreement that provides the United States the means
to withdraw in a graceful and orderly fashion, and provides Hawaii with the means to
transition into full self-governance.

For more information regarding the Hawaiian Kingdom, contact:
Mr. Leon Siu
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Ke Aupuni o Hawaii
Box 62107
Manoa Station, Oahu, Hawaii Nei [96839}
Or call: (808) 521-5430 or (808) 488-4669


6 Responses to The Kingdom Today

  1. Vicky says:

    Mahalo nui for all of your manao a me uhane, that is of ke akua. These things of truth and honesty is of goodness and only ke akua can bless all these things of his will and not man. We all need to understand ke akua gave us life, and our parents gave us the ha (breath) of life, and we are created in his image, and not like men for they are not creaters but destroyers, an entity has no feelings, because he has no koko. So, who should we seek truth and honesty or an entity with no ha (breath) because there is no life, nor koko (blood), If I had said anything to hurt anyone it is not the intent. Mahalo ke akua, a me mahalo to whom that shares the truth, honesty and prayers, God be with you all always.

  2. Amanda Hermanson says:

    Mahalo for all you have done — and continue to do to correct a 100+ year wrong. There is a project being developed by kupuna Barry Napoleon called the Barry Napoleon Project. Will email it’s purpose to you for your comments, if you have time.
    Again, mahalo for all you do.
    Kupuna Hermanson

  3. Lapu dumlao says:

    I’m trying to find out where to apply for kingdom of hawaii passport, can you help me?

  4. Beth Leeds says:

    I live in The Hawaiian Kingdom

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