We know who we are! By Tane Inciong

Without knowinng the finer details of nationhood, Hawaiian Subjects knew the Kingdom of Hawai’i was an acttive member participating in the Family of Nations which was recognized internationally as an independent sovereign nation-state. The Hawaiian Subjects were very much aware of the U.S. belligerent occupation of their country and vehemently protested against it while they depended on the rule of law to right the wrongs committed against them and their country by the dishonorable, racist U.S.A.

When the initial Akaka Bill was presented as a Recognition Bill, many found it repugnant since we were already a recognized nation-state by the U.S.A. and refused to b3e considered an indigenous tribal people of the U.S.A. To counter the overwhelming objection, Senators Inouye and Akaka along with Representative Ambercrombie then decided to semantically redefine the bill so it wouuld be more palatable to the people, thinking if it could be described as a Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act, native Hawaiians would buy into itt; believing it’s a reconstruction of the Kingdom of Hawai’i as a “nation within a nation” status which actually amounts to a belligerent occupation on a more permanent basis.

The Native Hawaiian Reorganized Governing Entity is thus a much lesser status as the bona fide nation-state with total independence that usurps the power of the Kingdom of Hawai’i to diminish its true recognized status. The Akaka Bill is an added tool to promote and engage the doctrines of Manifest Destiny as ordained by God to the U.S.A. of which it is founded on. OHA tried to recreate a Hawaiian Kingdom as a restoration akin of the real thing to move into the Akaka Bill. That was the purpose of the Kau Inoa campaign. Some make conjectures without knowledge of Kingdom and international laws and some feel safer with the existing state of affairs known as status quo.

We have seen the U.S.A. transformed from a theocratic form of government to a republc in democratic form, to evolve into a bureaucratic, oligarchic form of governance which maintains and practices the racist WASP doctrines of Maqnifest Destiny. The U.S.A., till today, cannot produce a lawful Treaty of Annexation. The Hawaiian Subjects of the Kingdom of Hawai’i protested via the Ku’e Petitions of 1897. This is the legacy left to us by them and we continue to support it for us and for generations to come until justice and freedom is realized for all Hawaiian Subjects of the Kingdom of Hawai’i.


About aupuni

We are the Kingdom of Hawai'i. Working to bring government services to Hawaiian nationals.
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